Saks Potts: For all kinds of princesses

TIME & DATE: Thursday 9 August – 20.00 PLACE: Østerbro StadiumWords Lotte FreddieAs a critic, it is not politically correct to write this sort of thing. But here goes. I love Saks Potts.These two young women, Barbara Potts and Catherine Saks, have exceptional talent, guts, and courage — qualities pr

Martin Asbjørn: All the young dudes

TIME & DATE: Thursday 9 August – 19.00 PLACE: CPH TowersWords Elsebeth MouritzenWhat does a successful young man look like these days when he dresses for work and play? According to designer Martin Asbjørn, he will look relaxed with a self-confident attitude. Or was it the other way around? In any c

Ganni: Feminine utility

TIME & DATE: Thursday 9 August – 17.00 PLACE: RefshaleøenWords Line HindsgaulHyped, deservedly so, with success that just keeps multiplying, Ganni seems to be the go-to brand of Scandi-influencers. With each collection garnering more attention in magazine pages, on instagram, and in the streets than

Baum und Pferdgarten: New romantic

TIME & DATE: Thursday 9 August – 18.00 PLACE: Bruun RasmussenWords Sille HenningBaum und Pferdgarten have always mastered prints and quirkiness, always managed to stand out from the pack of Danish design, and this season was no exception. Quirky made its voice heard, and prints were unmistakable. Ye

Designers Remix: Sustainability that sells

TIME & DATE: Thursday 9 – 14.00 PLACE: The CrystalWords Lotte FreddieIn the spirit of how she began Designers Remix 17 year ago, reworking already used materials, Charlotte Eskildsen has cast a lazer-sharp focus on sustainability for the brand’s present and future. 60 % of the SS19 collection has be

Heliot Emil: Gloomy future

TIME & DATE: Thursday 9 August – 16.00 PLACE: Egekilde Scenen, Kedelsmedien Words Sille UgelvigFor the second time at Copenhagen Fashion Week, the brothers behind Heliot Emil presented their fashion-forward visions, in a collection titled ”Referential transparency”. The international crowd’s expecta

Lovechild 1979: Endless Scandi-summer

TIME & PLACE: Tuesday 9 August – 15.00 PLACE: OrlogsmuseetWords Line HindsgaulLovechild 1979 designer Anne Dorthe Larsen is a businesswoman first and designer second. When she founded the brand in 2009, she did it with a commercial approach. Having already filled her two popular Copenhagen shops wit

Lærke Andersen: In full stride

TIME & DATE: Thursday 9 August – 13.00 PLACE: KedelsmedienWords Elsebeth Mouritzen After last season’s jubilant block party show celebrating Lærke Andersen’s winning talent with the Magasin Fashion Prize in October 2017, expectations were high on Thursday afternoon. Both for what kind of presentatio

Saks Potts: “One might as well make a plan B from the get-go

By Sofie Ringtved JensenSaks Potts: “One might as well make a plan B from the get-go”When Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts send their first model out on the runway tonight clad in their tenth collection, it’s the celebration of a mini-anniversary. Much has happened since 2015, when the Saks Potts duo

HALO: Fitness finesse

TIME & DATE: Thursday 9 August – 12.00PLACE: Fitness DK – Christians Brygge 25, 1219 Copenhagen KWords Sille UgelvigThe sports brand HALO strikes again. Sportswear has never been hotter or more wearable, whether worn for Sunday chill or extreme races, and for either purpose HALO is among the hottest

By Malene Birger: A new lush lady

TIME & DATE: Thursday 9 August – 11:00 PLACE: KedelsmedienWords Line HindsgaulMathilde Torp Mader was head-hunted for By Malene Birger last year to be the label’s new creative director. For the fashion week in February, she had only been in the seat for a short time, and therefore chose not to put o

A hidden gem in the heart of Copenhagen

SponsoredA hidden gem in the heart of Copenhagen If you ever dreamt of visiting the hidden gardens of Marrakech, Hotel SKT. PETRI will make all your wishes come true. Located in the heart of Copenhagen, you’ll find its garden courtyard the perfect green oasis away from the ongoing city buzz.Entering

Munthe: Democratic luxury

TIME & DATE: Thursday 9 August – 10.00 PLACE: Royal Danish TheaterWords Lotte FreddieHow can you top a fab collection like Naja Munthe’s autumn 2019, out later this month, when we all shall want its emerald green satin trousers and coat, the black trousers lined with contrasting gallons, and the coa

Copenhagen Guide: Undici

Copenhagen GuideWords: Sille UgelvigUndici Undici (11 in Italian and the restaurant’s house number on Wilders Plads) is located alongside the cute and lively Christianshavns Canal. If you are up for Italian fare like burrata and homemade pasta and specialties like fried zucchini and fresh baked cros

Designers Remix: We need to act sustainably

By Carla Christine Bruus Aagaard-StrubeDesigners Remix: We need to act sustainablyThe SS19 collection of Designers Remix is the label’s most sustainable to date. Read ourbig interview with creative director Charlotte Eskildsen here.Designers Remix got its name from Charlotte Eskildsen’s passion for

Hofmann Copenhagen: Tiger ride

DATE & TIME: Thursday 9 August – 9.00 PLACE: Matrikel 1Words Line HindsgaulThis morning’s show debut for Hofmann Copenhagen was a delicate, beautiful, and calm experience. Heidi Hofmann of Hofmann Copenhagen is by no means a newcomer herself, having previously worked for several fashion houses, incl

Your new go-to beauty mecca

SponsoredYour new go-to beauty mecca Stepping in to the recently opened Beauty by, you immediately sense that something new is cooking. This is not your regular go-to beauty hub. Heavy velour drapery, soft-toned carpets, and brass and glass details set a glamourous art-deco backdrop

P EATERY: Mastering the art of simple luxury

Copenhagen GuideP EATERY: Mastering the art of simple luxury At first sniff, P Eatery oozes of flavour and atmosphere. The former head chef at the vegetarian gourmet restaurant VeVe, Brendon Walker, is the latest addition to its kitchen. Here, he masters simple menus made only from local suppliers w

Fashion anecdote: Ditte Reffstrup

Fashion Anecdote: Ditte ReffstrupBy Carla Christine Bruus Aagaard-StrubeCreative director, Ditte Reffstrup: Inappropriate behaviour Ditte Reffstrup is the women behind the galaxy-conque ring brand Ganni, which epitomizes the contemporary Danish it-girl look. But despite being well-known in the fashi

Elaine Hersby: Body language

TIME & DATE: Wednesday 8 August – 19.00 PLACE: EGEKILDE SCENEN, KEDELSMEDIENWords Elsebeth Mouritzen Elaine Hersby has come a long way in the short time since she first presented her small collections as installations in unusual places like public baths a few seasons ago. Today was her first true ru

Fashion anecdote: Melanie Buchhave

Fashion Anecdote: Melanie BuchhaveBy Carla Christine Bruus Aagaard-StrubeStylist Melanie Buchhave: Going down in style Stylist Melanie Buchhave has a long-term love affair with the fashion industry, adding her magic to editorials and campaigns. But, we all started somewhere, and when Melanie began h