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From martes, agosto 6 2019 at 10:53 am until jueves, agosto 8 2019 at 05:00 pm

FASHION TECH & FASHION’S SUSTAINABLE GROWTH LAYER: Encounter the techwear and sustainable fashion of tomorrow when a world-renowned professor opens the new exhibition at the Geological Museum

Clever people often say that fashion runs in cycles. A kind of cycle where old styles return as current trends.

But for every rule there is an exception, and you can experience them during the upcoming Copenhagen Fashion Week. Because trends are no longer just silhouettes, colours and new styles. Technology and sustainability are increasingly being incorporated into the latest collections by the most visionary brands in the business, which have truly embraced the task of creating a greener fashion industry. In the fashion industry’s growth layer, these years also mark the start of a new, sustainable future, which requires innovation in terms of materials, business models, design approaches, customer understanding and aesthetics.

You will encounter all this and more during August’s Copenhagen Fashion Week when Lifestyle & Design Cluster presents FASHION TECH & FASHION’S SUSTAINABLE GROWTH LAYER which focuses on the fashion industry’s new, innovative and sustainable future. While you are visiting the Geological Museum, you can also enjoy an amazing fashion exhibition on sustainability and nature curated by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London: ‘Fashioned from Nature’.


Behind the exhibition ‘Fashion Tech & Fashion’s Sustainable Growth Layer’ is the innovation network Lifestyle & Design Cluster in collaboration with four educational institutions: VIA University College, the Danish Design School, Copenhagen, School of Design and Technology (KEA) and Kolding School of Design.

In ‘Fashion Tech’ each school has matched emerging design talents with well-known Danish fashion brands in a talent programme with focus on the use of new technologies in Smart Textiles, Tech-Design and Sustainability. Together with the brands, the design talents have created innovative garments which will be on display in the exhibition. The selected fashion brands are Gudrun & Gudrun, Echte, Gabba, Blanche and Tobias Birk Nielsen/Lightricity.

In ‘Fashion’s Sustainable Growth Layer’, each of the four schools has selected three talents, each with their own take on what sustainable fashion design may be in the not too distant future. This includes not only technological and material-based solutions but also new ways to manufacture, sell and consume clothing.

In connection with the opening, there will be a talk given by the world-renowned British professor Kate Fletcher, who is known as one of the most visionary voices in the field through initiatives such as the ‘Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion’ and numerous publications, among others. The talk will be held in connection with the ‘Fashioned From Nature’ exhibition at the same venue, and will address perspectives from the forthcoming anthology ‘Design and Nature’, which will be published by Routledge in autumn 2019.

Director of Lifestyle & Design Cluster Betina Simonsen says: “We are very excited that we have managed to bring together businesses, knowledge institutions and students in this project. As an innovation network it is our duty to contribute to display and experimentation, so we are including multiple elements that can make sense in the technological and sustainable development,” says Betina Simonsen.

Poul-Erik Jørgensen, textile researcher at VIA Design, continues: “While Smart Textiles primarily describes the integration of smart functionalities in textiles, Fashion TECH describes the combination of technologies, new and smart materials and new manufacturing methods. Fashion TECH is both functionality and aesthetics. Sustainable Fashion TECH is what you get when, for instance, yarn made from milk protein or vegan leather is combined with new sustainable manufacturing technologies such as laser technology to achieve an aesthetic result.”