martes, agosto 6 2019 from 01:30 pm to 03:30 pm

Two sisters, one brand and a vision. Common genes, but two different personalities become the fusion that leads the foundation of Résumé. The brand is bridging simplicity with the stylish femme fatale. The collections contain classic elements and edgy key items which contribute to the personality of Résumé.

Résumé was founded in 2017 by two sisters, Anne Louise Faurholt and Emma Lohmann. The brand offers contemporary fashion with consistent focus on quality, price and …

Everyday-wear is the heart of the collections, but Résumé dares to play with colors, shapes and prints.
Résumé has 6 ready-to-wear collections at year, 2 main and 4 capsules. Furthermore the brand offers a basic line called FLAG by Résumé, with focus on sustainability.