CFW Postcard: Stefanos Mad & Kaffe

A charming melting pot of food and people

On the corner of Stefansgade and Husumgade lies Stefanos Mad & Kaffe – a combined grocery store and café. At Stefanos Mad & Kaffe you can treat yourself to all kinds of specialities such as olives, feta cheese and vegetables. The main "go to" however is the brunch.  

The café lead a classic Copenhagen brunch concept - when arriving you get a piece of paper and a pen and then you choose from a variety of small dishes and put together your own meal. The menu includes classics such as skyr with homemade granola and fresh berries, fried eggs with chives and the all time guilty pleasure - American pancakes. 

However, we suggest that you try some of the dishes, where Stefanos differs. The two owners, Yalçin Demirkiran og Ibrahim Kaya originally from Turkey, have found a great deal of inspiration in their home country, which shows on the menu.  Try the crispy and tasty sigara börek (roles with feta), the menemen (sauted tomato, red pepper and egg) or the scrambled eggs with sucuk (Tyrkish spicy sausage).

The brunch prizes are not to complain about - 3 dishes for DKK 79, 5 dishes for DKK 129 and 7 dishes for DKK 149. Very reasonable.

Stefanos Mad  & Kaffe is a charming melting pot of food and people. The place doesn't take itself too seriously - people come here to share good food and be together. And let's be honest - that's pretty much all you need.

Address: Husumgade 50, 2200 København

Opening hours: Sun-Wed 8-20.30, Thurs-Sat 8-22